Financial Aid for a Semester Abroad

Time spent studying or working abroad benefits students both academically and on a personal level. We support our scholarship holders during semesters spent abroad, providing them with financial grants and subsidies and, if appropriate, extending their funding term.

Crossing borders

Promoting internationalism is one of the core principles of the Max Weber Program. With this in mind, we help our scholarship holders to spend a semester abroad, either studying or completing an internship. Carolin Thomas, Max Weber Program scholarship holder, decided to spend a semester abroad in Canada. “Studying in Canada at the University of British Columbia was an excellent decision,” she said. “I spent four months there, and count it among the most special periods of my life. The atmosphere at the university – and in the country as a whole – is very open and friendly. So, if you want to experience an unbelievable semester, get applying!”

In the Max Weber Program, we support our scholarship holders during their semester abroad, providing financial aid for a period of up to seven months. In some cases, at the end of the usual term of the Max Weber Program, a student’s scholarship can be extended if they have spent time abroad. As well as undertaking study projects, internships and medical rotations abroad, we also help our scholarship holders to conduct extended research projects as part of their studies. The Max We­ber Pro­gram rec­om­mends that schol­arship hold­ers pay atten­tion to cli­mate and envi­ron­men­tally friendly travel and avoid air travel as much as possi­ble."

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Financial Aid for a Semester Abroad at a glance

Stay abroad allowanceOur scholarship holders receive an allowance for up to seven months in accordance with the funding rates for a stay abroad set down in the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). The Max Weber Program grants an allowance of €155 for destinations within the EU and Switzerland.
Travel allowanceThis allowance is €500 within Europe and €1,000 outside of Europe. For intercontinental flights, CO2 compensation to the amount of €100 is also possible.
InsuranceThe Max Weber Program provides a grant of up to €84 per month for overseas health insurance, for a period of up to seven months.
Tuition feesWe reimburse tuition fees of up to €8,600 at foreign universities.