Overview of International Doctorate Programs

The Elite Network supports gifted junior researchers with excellent supervision and by encouraging international, interdisciplinary doctoral research.


Current Programs

Completed Programs

Humanities, Social Sciences and Economics

MIMESIS: Munich Doctoral Program for Literature and the Arts
Place of study: Munich

Incentives – Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics
Place of study: Augsburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Munich, Passau, Regensburg, Würzburg

Textuality in the Pre-Modern Period
Place of study: Munich

REASON – International Doctorate Program on Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation
Place of study: Munich

Evidence-Based Economics
Place of study: Munich, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Regensburg

Natural Sciences

Materials Science of Complex Interfaces​​​
Place of study: Munich

NanoCat: Nanodesign of High-Performance Catalysts
Place of study: Munich, Augsburg, Bayreuth, Regensburg

Quantum Computing, Control and Communication
Place of study: Munich

Structure, Reactivity and Properties of Oxide Materials
Place of study: Bayreuth

THESIS: Complex Processes in the Earth: Theory, Experiment, Simulations
Place of study: Munich

Topological Insulators
Place of study: Würzburg, Regensburg

Exploring Quantum Matter
Place of study: Munich

Engineering and Informatics

Identification, Optimization and Control with Applications in Modern Technologies
Place of study: Erlangen-Nuremberg, Bayreuth, Würzburg

Life Sciences

Receptor Dynamics: Emerging Paradigms for Novel Drugs
Place of study: Würzburg, Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Regensburg

i-Target: Immunotargeting of Cancer
Place of study: Munich, Erlangen-Nuremberg

Lead Structures of Cell Function
Place of study: Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Würzburg

Place of study: Munich, Augsburg

Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease
Place of study: Munich