Funding programs

At the Elite Network of Bavaria, we support talented young students from around the world, from leaving school through to the postdoc phase. As well as attractive scholarships and programs of research and study, our members benefit from a vibrant inter­national and interdisciplinary network.

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Max Weber Program

The Max Weber Program supports gifted students at Bavarian uni­versities. The scholarship offers students financial sup­port during their studies, helps them to spend semesters abroad and promotes their per­so­nal development. Individual super­vision and inter­disci­plinary cooperation are at the core of the program.

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Elite Graduate Programs

By supporting Elite Graduate Programs, we help to create out­standing conditions for study at Bavarian universities. Elite Graduate Programs stand for excellent student supervision and early integration in the research community through an ambitious teaching program.

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Our Marianne-Plehn-Program offers highly qualified young scien­tists ex­cep­tion­al conditions for their doc­to­ral studies. It combines a PhD scho­lar­ship by the German National Academic Foundation with a part-time employment of 25% funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria, at any university in Bavaria. 

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International Doctorate Programs

Our International Doctorate Programs provide the perfect frame­work for doctoral study. Doctoral candidates benefit from in­di­vi­du­al super­vision in ambitious programs of research and study, and are sup­por­ted in placing their research in an international context.

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Junior Research Groups

By funding Junior Research Groups, we support young academics during their transition to academic in­de­pen­dence. The groups afford out­stand­ing postdocs from around the world the opportunity to set up their own Research Group. We provide funding for up to six years with in­ter­natio­nal­ly competitive terms.

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How can I be admitted the Max Weber Program or apply for admission to the Marianne-Plehn-Program?
How do I apply for an Elite Graduate Program or an International Doctorate Program?
How and when can I apply to set up an Elite Graduate Program, International
Doctorate Program or Junior Research Group?

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