Elite Graduate Programs

Studying at the highest level: Elite Graduate Programs provide exceptional studying conditions. They offer students an excellent teaching program as well as close, per­so­nal guidance and feature an international and often interdisciplinary focus. Elite Graduate Programs are offered in various subject areas at Bavarian universities; the spectrum ranges from data science and neuroengineering to translational medicine and Middle Eastern cultural studies.

Challenging programs for outstanding students

All Elite Graduate Programs guarantee ideal conditions for highly mo­ti­va­ted, aca­de­mi­cally outstanding students to develop and progress. In addition to excellent academic and personal guid­ance, these programs offer high-quality teaching with an emphasis on research; they feature key international dimensions, often adopt an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary approach and offer a diverse range of extra-curricular activities and events to support students’ personal development, such as specialist seminars and field trips.

Elite Graduate Programs are offered in all disciplines at universities across Bavaria. Most take the form of Master’s courses.

Students are expected to be enthusiastic, take a keen interest in their subject area and display excep­tional commitment to their studies. The appli­cation pro­ce­dure is trans­pa­rent and based on applicants’ achie­ve­ments. Applications are submitted directly for in­di­vidual programs.

International network, wide-ranging possibilities

Elite Graduate Programs integrate our students into a valuable, inter­na­tio­nal network that spans disci­plines and universi­ties. They afford students the op­portunity to par­t­ici­pate in events organized by the Elite Network of Bavaria, such as the Lindau Nobel Lau­re­ate Meetings.

In addition to their high academic standards, our programs prepare young people to bear re­sponsi­bil­ity in society, while simulta­neously equipping them with the skills and quali­fi­cations needed both for careers in cutting-edge research and for leadership po­si­ti­ons in the world of work.

Elite Graduate Programs offer potential

Bavarian universities can expand and differentiate their range of courses by offering Elite Graduate Programs that transcend conventional dis­ci­plines and structures.

The State Ministry of Science and the Arts supports Elite Graduate Programs for up to two funding periods (ten years in total) as part of the Elite Net­work of Bavaria. Participating uni­ver­si­ties then have the option to provide their own financing in order to continue of­fe­ring an Elite Graduate Program under the umbrella of the Elite Network of Bavaria. If they choose to do so, the program is to be subject to the Elite Network's quality checks.

In focus

A young woman doing lab diagnostics.

Tackling COVID-19 together

Professors and students of the Erlangen Elite Graduate Program "Integrated Immunology" are engaged in research and diagnostics in the fight against SARS-CoV-2. 

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