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The Elite Network of Bavaria is an initiative of the Free State of Bavaria to support talented young students. We supported outstanding academic talent, from leaving school to the postdoc phase, through a series of attractive and coordinated funding programs.

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Our funding program at a glance

Whether a school leaver, student or doctoral researcher, the Elite Net­work of Bavaria’s five coordinated and attuned funding pro­grams pro­vide ideal conditions for research and study in every phase of an academic career. Students can become a member of the Elite Network of Bavaria at any time.

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Quality assurance

The Elite Network of Bavaria’s funding programs stand for out­stand­ing quality. Regular expert reviews, member surveys and full-scale evaluations ensure the Elite Network of Bavaria’s continued high quality. The last full-scale Evaluation Commission described the Elite Network of Bavaria as “exemplary”.

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International Commission

The International Commission sup­ports the Elite Network of Bavaria in setting up and evaluating funding and support through Elite Graduate Programs, International Doctorate Programs and Junior Research Groups. The International Com­mis­sion is composed of pre-eminent experts from various disciplines.

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Committee helps to maintain high quality standards in the Max Weber Program and the Marianne-Plehn-Program, and con­trib­utes to efforts to further improve these program lines. The Advisory Board is composed of rep­re­sent­a­tives from uni­ver­si­ties and sec­ond­ary schools as well as industry professionals.

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The Elite Network of Bavaria was founded in 2004 to promote out­standing, talented young students. It continues to grow to this day thanks to a new concept to support talented young academics. The Elite Network of Bavaria now comprises over 10,000 members and oversees the operation of five coordinated funding programs.

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How can I be admitted the Max Weber Program or apply for ad­mis­sion to the Marianne-Plehn-Program? 
How do I apply for an Elite Graduate Program or an International Doc­tor­ate Program?
How and when can I apply to set up an Elite Graduate Program, In­ter­na­tional Doctorate Program or Junior Research Group?

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