Elite Network: Events


Get-togethers, soft-skill seminars, excursions, lecture series such as the inter­disciplinary series "Elite Network of Bavaria FORUM" and last but not least the graduation ceremony: The most important dates in the Elite Network of Bavaria can be found here.

Jul 2020
Call for proposals
The Elite Network of Bavaria will establish new International Doctoral Colleges from 2021. The current call for proposals has been running since 21 July 2020 and ends with the deadline for sub­mission of draft proposals on 19 March 2021. The current round of calls is exclusively in the fields of life sciences, natural sciences, engineering, mathematics and computer science. https://www.elitenetzwerk.bayern.de/fileadmin/Ausschreibungsunterlagen.zip|Download the documents
[Translate to English:] Detailaufnahme: Eine Hand schreibt mit einem Stift in einen Block.
Nov 2020
Modern methods of immunological research
The semi­nar, which is led by 12 lec­turers, pre­pares stu­dents for re­search in­tern­ships. Mod­ern im­muno­logi­cal re­search meth­ods are dis­cuss­ed by the stu­dents on the basis of cur­rent litera­ture and com­ple­ment­ed by expert knowlegde of the expe­rienced lec­turers.

Participation: Students of the Elite Graduate Program "Integrated Immunology"
Students and lecturers of the Master Program Integrated Immunology discussing a current research method in the seminar room.
Nov 2020
Global Competition with Team CyberTUM
Sci­ence must go on! This claim is moti­vating the CyberLimb and Cere­Bro teams for months, pre­paring for the Cybathlon 2020 Glob­al Edi­tion, broadcasted live by Cybathlon video plat­form. The Live-Stream is pub­licly acces­sible.

https://www.elitenetzwerk.bayern.de/fileadmin/Links.pdf|Download the Links
Two students of CereBro project team (TUM) are sitting on their office desktop, focussed on their computer screens while discussing with their team leader. On their desktop, blurred by camera’s depth of focus in the foreground of the picture, two so-called brain-computer-interface caps, ready for use.
Nov 2020
i-Target workshop
This year's au­tumn work­shop in­clud­ed a soft skills train­ing on the topic "Grant writ­ing and get­ting fund­ed". On the sec­ond day there will be lec­tures and dis­cussions on the topic "Tran­scrip­tional altera­tions in can­cer".

Participation: Students of the International Doctorate Program "In­te­grat­ed Im­munology"
[Translate to English:] Ein Stift und ein Notizblock liegen auf einem Tisch.
Nov 2020
Graduation ceremony
The graduation ceremony is the highlight of the active time of our members in the Elite Network of Bavaria. This year the event has to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic.
[Translate to English:] In einem großen Foyer stehen viele Menschen, die sich miteinander unterhalten.