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Winter Excursion

After each semester, students, alumni and faculty of the Elite Graduate Program “Theoretical and Mathematical Physics” (TMP) leave for a two day excursion. In the winter of 2019, once more, they were heading to the idyllic village of Bayrischzell at the foot of mount Wendelstein.

Exams first, then Bayrischzell

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After the end of each semester, when the exams are written, the Elite Graduate Progra „Theoretical and Mathematical Physics“ (TMP) eaves the lecture halls of LMU Munich and TU Munich and goes on a two day excursion. In February 2109, the destination was once more Bayrischzell. In a relaxed setting, the main goal was to get to know each other better. Many of those new to Bavaria were introduced to the card game of “Schafskopf”. Students from all years, alumni and faculty had the opportunity to get into a conversation on topics beyond mathematical quantum mechanics or topological spaces.

In addition, there were presentations for the roughly 40 participants: This year, Dr. Angnis Schmidt-May, research group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Physics since last fall, discussed alternative theories of gravity with more than one metric field. Those are addressing up to now unsolved cosmological puzzles. A second speaker was Dr. Felix Pink, a former graduate of the Elite Graduate Program “Theoretical and Mathematical Physics”. He left physics after obtaining his PhD and is now working for an investment company trading financial derivatives. At the excursion, he reports on his career path and explains which laws of physics equally apply to financial assets and their pricings.

Discovering new topics

The presentations at the TMP excursions are also meant to present interesting topics beyond mathematics and physics. To this end, speakers from neighboring disciplines are invited to give introductions on subjects like machine learning, space travel, or philo­sophy. In addition, there is ample room for outdoor activities as Bayrischzell is si­tua­ted at the bottom of the Sudelfeld winter sports area.

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