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New research projects and Elite Programs, experiences from seminars and semesters abroad, reports from the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting and interdisciplinary events – our members write about their lives and the work they love.

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Jul 2022
Summer Reception of the Bavarian State Parliament
The Presi­dent of the Ba­varian State Par­lia­ment, Ilse Aign­er, invit­ed ten mem­bers of the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia at the Sum­mer Re­cep­tion of the Ba­varian State Par­lia­ment in Schleißheim Pal­ace.
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Jun 2022
Sommerfest Max Weber-Programm
Zweimal musste das Sommer­fest des Max We­ber-Programms Bay­erns pan­de­miebe­dingt ver­schoben wer­den. End­lich war es wie­der so­weit: Ge­för­derte aus ganz Bay­ern folg­ten der Ein­la­dung des Max We­ber-Teams zum Sommer­fest in der Kongresshalle Bamberg.
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[Translate to English:] Personen, die einem Vortrag zuhören
May 2022
Guided Tour of the Ohel-Jakob-Synagogue in Munich for the Alumni
Alumni of the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia met on 12 May for a guid­ed tour of the Mu­nich Syna­gogue on Jak­ob­splatz and the asso­ciated Walk of Re­mem­brance - an even­ing of en­coun­ters and ex­traor­di­nary in­sights.
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A building of stone and glass freestanding on a square.
Mar 2022
A new Logo for the Elite Net­work of Bavaria
As of 31 March 2022, the Elite Net­work has a sta­te-of-the-art and iconic new iden­tifier.
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Eine perspektivisch geneigte Raute aus einer hellblauen und einer dunkelblauen Linie, neben dem Schriftzug „Elitenetzwerk Bayern“.
Mar 2022
Col­lo­qui­um of the Inter­na­tional Doc­toral Pro­gram “Re­think­ing Envi­ron­ment”
Be­tween 31 March and 1 April 2022 the doc­toral stu­dents of the Inter­na­tional Doc­torate Pro­gram “Re­think­ing Envi­ron­ment - The Envi­ron­men­tal Hu­mani­ties and the Transfor­mation of So­ciety” intro­duced their re­search pro­jects to peers and advi­sors in the first collo­qui­um of the pro­gram. The event took place at LMU Mu­nich and at the Uni­versi­ty of Augsburg.
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Jan 2022
Elite Network of Bavaria Seminar
With the semi­nar, the ex­clu­sive sup­port offers of the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia were ex­tend­ed to the school sec­tor. High­ly gifted high school stu­dents can par­tici­pate in se­lected soft skill semi­nars of the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia.
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A group of people on a roof holding certificates.
Dec 2021
Digital Graduation Ceremony 2021
Due to the corona pandemic, the Bavarian State Minister of Science Bernd Sibler honored the graduates of the Elite Network of Bavaria at the first digital graduation ceremony.
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A young woman and a young man speak into the camera.
Nov 2021
Get Together
We invit­ed all new mem­bers to our ‘Get To­geth­er’. Get­ting to know each other and the activ­ities of­fered by the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia was the major aim of this event. Due to the ongo­ing pan­dem­ic, the event took place online.
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Scholarship holders of the Max Weber-Program
Nov 2021
Need some Honors-Espresso?
In the pod­cast “Honors-Espresso”, alum­ni from the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram "Honors in Busi­ness, Eco­nom­ics, and In­for­mation Sys­tems" at the Uni­versi­ty of Re­gens­burg chat about their stud­ies and ca­reers post-graduation. All epi­sodes are ac­cessi­ble free of charge via the Hon­ors homepage or com­mon pod­cast apps. We hope you enjoy lis­tening!
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Nov 2021
TopMath Online Seminar with Prof. Fusco
As part of the first Top­Math Online Sem­inar, Prof. Nico­la Fusco (Uni-versità degli Studi di Napo­li) gives in­sights into the world of geo­met­ric measure theo­ry and ex­plains the solu­tion to a math­emat­ical prob­lem that is thou­sands of years old.
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A mathematical drawing of a spherical shell.
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