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The highlight of every year

The Elite Graduate Program “MINT-Lehramt PLUS” is offered as a cooperation of the universities of Bayreuth and Würzburg. An annual spring school is an integral part of the program, providing insights in different topics that go beyond the curriculum of the regular teacher training. Furthermore, during its four days duration students get the opportunity to exchange in terms of subject-specific as well as personal matters.

Profession specific key competencies in the focus

“For me, the stay at Kloster Banz has been rewarding both subject-specifically and personally. I am glad students get the chance to make such an experience. Thank you!” This is how Tamara Roth commented on the 2018 spring school, that took place at Kloster Banz and definitely was a highlight of the year in the Elite Graduate Program “MINT-Lehramt PLUS”

The subject-specific focus of the spring school was on profession specific key competencies. The participants dealt with very different but (overall) highly relevant topics of school practice including ADHD, giftedness, inclusion, outdoor education, mobbing and approaches to improve the atmosphere in class. Experts like teachers with several years of practice and school psychologists intensively worked on the topics in cooperation with the students. Besides, teacher’s health was addressed to point out how students can stay healthy and fit before they start teaching, so they can work in their job dedicatedly and happily for a long time.

Subject-specific and personal exchange

In addition to the subject-related advanced training the cross-university and inter­dis­ci­pli­na­ry networking is a second objective of the spring school. Personal as well as subject-specific exchange is a major goal of the meeting and happens during the day while dealing with the different topics as well as informally in the evening. Excursions to a high rope course and archery, a poster session in which students presented their results of various courses, game nights or just get-togethers in the free time offered various occasions therefor.

Invited speakers regularly emphasize the very special atmosphere of the spring school as well: “You even feel a bit wistful when saying goodbye”, a student says. That is only one reason for the spring school being an annual highlight of the Elite Graduate Program “MINT-Lehramt PLUS” for every­body involved.

Text: Elite Graduate Program "MINT-Lehramt Plus“