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Between East and West

The Elite Graduate Program “Honors in Bu­si­ness, Economics and Information Systems” at the University of Regensburg is characterized by a scientifically sound training and high application orientation. One of the highlights is the annual “Honors” Academy. This year’s destination: The Czech Republic.

Exchange with the partner in Prague

“Doing Busi­ness be­tween East­ern and West­ern Eu­rope” was the theme of this year’s “Honors” Academy. 25 stu­dents from the fields of Busi­ness, Eco­nom­ics and In­for­mation Sys­tems of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram “Honors” went to Pra­gue in April 2018. The acad­emy was orga­nized in coop­era­tion with the Pra­gue Uni­versi­ty of Eco­nom­ics, which also hosts an “Honors” pro­gram for out­stand­ing moti­vated stu­dents, fol­low­ing the model of the Uni­versi­tät Re­gens­burg.

The “Honors” Academies com­bine aca­demic chal­lenge and inter­na­tional ex­change. The stu­dents were given valu­able in­sights into Czech cul­ture and cur­rent de­velopments of the Czech econ­omy. This in­clud­ed visits to the brew­ery Kozel in Velke Po­pov­ice and Skoda in Mlada Boleslav.

High­light for the stu­dents from Re­gens­burg were their talks and presenta­tions on cul­tural dif­fer­ences be­tween Ger­many and the Czech Re­pub­lic, de­velopment of for­eign direct in­vest­ment, and par­ticu­lari­ties of the Czech IT and tech indus­tries.

Strengthening interdisciplinarity

In addi­tion, the trip of­fered many possi­bili­ties to strengthen rela­tions within the group, as well as en­gage in net­work­ing with the stu­dents from Pra­gue. “The acad­emy was a great op­por­tunity for inter­disci­pli­nary ex­change and strengthen­ing of the team spirit within the grad­uate pro­gram”, says Marco Büttner, stu­dent of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram "Honors in Business, Economics, and Information Systems".

Text: Elite Graduate Program "Honors in Business, Economics, and Information Systems"