Summer Academies

Quantum physics, Netflix and political protest art – our scholarship holders tackle these and a diverse array of other topics at the Summer Academies. Whether working on a topic within their own discipline or something a little further removed, the Sum­mer Academies guarantee academic discourse of the highest level. The Summer Aca­de­mies offer the perfect opportunity for our scholarship holders to develop them­selves, network with their peers and strengthen existing contacts.

Freedom to experiment

Summer Academies give our scholarship holders the opportunity to engage with issues beyond the confines of their own studies. In doing so, they benefit from working with exceptional tutors. Each Summer Academy brings together around 100 scholarship holders for a period of one to two weeks. The objective is to broaden their horizons in both personal and academic terms and give them the courage to experiment – free from pressure and without the stress of examinations. This fact is reflected in their structure: 

the Academies comprise various working groups which operate eit­her with disciplinary focus or an interdisciplinary approach. While these groups may focus on separate topics, students also spend plenty of time together. Evening lectures from tutors afford all parti­cipants insights into the work car­ried out by the other groups. The Academies also include plenty of opportunities to spend time together.

Portrait Photo: Anke Dörner

One to two weeks full of engagement and discussion, academic exchange and – of course – heaps of fun. Since 2006, we have offered a variety of Summer Academies to our scholarship holders, both in Germany and abroad.

Dr. Anke Dörner

Academy formats

The Summer Academies take various formats. The two-week Mountain Academy, for instance, is traditionally held in the Swiss town of Ftan, which sits at an altitude of 1,650 metres. Scholarship holder Katharina Schobel remembers Ftan’s unique ambience: “The Hochalpine Institut Ftan is in a perfect location, both for outdoor walks and concentrated, undisturbed study. It also offers a wonderful, almost endless range of recreational activities.”

In addition, the Max Weber Program also offers a ten-day Summer Academy in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, as well as a Practical Academy in Roggenburg. Max Weber Program scholarship holders are also free to attend all academies run by the German National Academic Foundation, which include expeditions and music academies.

Academies offer our scholarship holders an excellent academic environment. The aca­demies’ working groups depend on the commitment of the researchers involved and the dedication of the participating students.