Soft Skill Seminars

Honing your skills: rhetorical devices, presentation techniques, facilitation and conflict management are not simply skills for later in a person’s career. In these seminars, our scholarship holders receive pro­fes­sio­nal coaching and support as they practice their soft skills.

Developing soft skills

By being accepted onto the Max Weber Program, our scholarship holders have already demonstrated that they are academically gifted and possess out­stan­ding intellectual abilities. During their studies and then moving into the world of work, it is crucial that they apply these abilities, bringing them to bear and developing them further still. To provide our scholarship holders with the best possible support in this regard, we collaborate with professional skills coaches to hold Soft Skill Seminars over three weekends each year at different locations across Bavaria.

In these seminars, students learn and hone skills that are important both for everyday student life and for launching their professional careers. These include presentation and facilitation techniques, project ma­na­ge­ment skills and application training; there are also workshops on topics such as creativity, time ma­na­ge­ment and dealing with stress.

The evening programs over seminar weekends are left open for the scholarship holders to engage in wide-ranging discussions and partake in a variety of activities.