Research In-Situ

Take your first steps in the field of research – while you study. Our “Research In-Situ” program encourages scholarship holders to develop their own research ideas at an early stage and provides them with platforms to present and discuss them with other researchers.

Pursuing independent research ideas

Integrating scholarship holders into national and international research communities at an early stage is one of the Max Weber Program’s core objectives. Through our “Research In-Situ” program, we fund congress visits and research residencies of up to three months, both in Germany and abroad. There are no restrictions in terms of subjects or topics – so whether it’s space technology in Sweden or foreign aid research in Uganda, a neuro­bio­lo­gy lab in the USA or the Federal Archive in Berlin, the passion of our scholarship holders is always the decisive factor.

Where could “Research In-Situ” take you?

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In focus

Scenic photo of sunset over a beach

Conduct research at holiday destinations

For his Master’s in Molecular Ecology, Sebastian Steibl conducted research at the Atoll Marine Centre on Naifaru, an island in the Maldives, from January to March 2017.

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