Get Involved!

The initiatives set in motion by our scholarship holders are the de­ci­sive factor in the Max Weber Program’s success. Our “Get Involved!” program gives them the opportunity to turn their own ideas for events and projects into reality. In doing so, they expand the range of services and activities available to their peers; at the same time, they gain valuable experience of event planning and hosting. The Max Weber Program supports its scholarship holders in both or­ga­ni­sa­tional and financial aspects.

Help to shape the Max Weber Program

In the Max Weber Program, we support our scholarship holders in realising their diverse range of ideas, providing organisational and financial support as part of the “Get In­vol­ved!” program. These ideas can range from small-scale events at their own university – such as an evening of lectures or debates – through to domestic or international field trips or national conferences.

By organising their own events, our scholarship holders make active contributions that enrich the Max Weber Program’s offering. It gives them the opportunity to discuss specific academic topics in further detail or explore entirely new subjects they might not otherwise encounter. And, of course, the social aspect is also important – every field trip offers the chance to meet up with other scholarship holders, including friends from past events, to share ideas and experiences. Gregor Lienemann was part of a field trip to the Wendelstein, a mountain in the Bavarian Alps, organized by a fellow scholarship holder as part of the “Get Involved!” program. “The hike to reach the summit at 1838m was chal­len­ging,” he remembers,“ but we were rewarded with wonderful views far into the distance and an informative tour of the observatory’s astronomical equipment.” Another attendee, Maxi­milian Lutz, added: “I look forward to meeting up again with my new friends from the Max Weber Program.”