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Research abroad back to operation

Dur­ing the Coro­na pan­dem­ic, re­search stays abroad were hardly possi­ble. Now both con­fer­ences and the so-called re­search mod­ules, in which the stu­dents of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram “Bio­logi­cal Phys­ics” at the Uni­versi­ty of Bay­reuth get the chance to fol­low their re­search inter­ests with inter­na­tional part­ners for up to three months, are once again being car­ried out suc­cess­fully.

International cutting-edge research

It is no secret that collaboration is often a key to success in scientific research, and it is also well known that cutting-edge research transcends national borders. However, during the Corona pandemic it became clear that it is not a given that young scientists have the opportunity to establish international contacts on a personal level. Therefore, the members of the Elite Graduate Program “Biological Physics” are more than happy that this is now possible again. Thomas Trepl, who is investigating energy transfer in light-harvesting systems as a PhD student at the University of Bayreuth, is one of the students who now has the chance to gain international research experience himself.

Prize at summer school paves the way

In the sum­mer of 2023, Mr. Trepl partic­ipated in a sum­mer school on time-depen­dent densi­ty func­tional theory at Rut­gers Uni­versi­ty in New­ark, USA, and pre­sent­ed his own work as a poster at the sub­se­quent work­shop. His work was so con­vincing that he won one of the two poster prizes and, with it, an invita­tion to give a talk at the end of the work­shop. On that occa­sion he got into con­versa­tions with vari­ous con­fer­ence partic­ipants and it turned out that there was a re­search pro­ject un­der­way at the Uni­versi­ty of Cali­for­nia, Merced that could ideal­ly com­ple­ment his own re­search.
Therefore, at the be­gin­ning of 2024, Mr. Trepl will set off for a re­search stay at the Uni­versi­ty of Cali­for­nia, Merced, with the sup­port of the Bio­logi­cal Phys­ics Pro­gram within the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia. He thus per­sonal­ly expe­rienc­es the inter­na­tional­ity that the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia prom­ises.

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