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Successful BGCE opening weekend 2023

With the arrival of spring comes the Ba­varian Grad­uate School of Com­puta­tional Engi­neer­ing (BGCE) pro­gram's Open­ing Weekend (OWE), which took place from 14th to 16th April 2023. Un­like the previ­ous occa­sion, this OWE was her­alded by clear skies and bright weather; a fortui­tous start to the yearly gath­ering of the BGCE family – pro­fes­sors, sen­iors and coor­dina­tors. This year, we wel­come an intake of 14 new jun­iors that start­ed their stud­ies in the Win­ter Se­mes­ter 2022/23.

Overview of the opening weekend

After hear­ing some "hard facts" by our very own Dr Tobi­as Neck­el, the new­com­ers of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram “Bavar­ian Gradu­ate School of Compu­tational Engi­neering (BGCE)“ broke the ice on Fri­day, led by the two coor­dina­tors Jan Sey­del and Mi­chael Wieden­mann in the softskill semi­nar ”When teamwork works”.

We en­joyed an in-depth ex­plora­tion of high-perfor­mance circuit simu­lation with a talk by Dr Chris­toph Ko­witz, repre­sent­ing In­fineon at the tradi­tional “Ka­mina­bend”.
On Sat­urday, the jun­iors partic­ipated in a “con­tract­ing” ses­sion, nego­tiating the ex­pecta­tions and obli­gations. The sen­iors took part in the softskill semi­nar “Step Out”, which fo­cused on team-build­ing.

The final day of the Open­ing Weekend took place on Sun­day, 16th April. There, the jun­iors and sen­iors worked through the “Group Chal­lenge” activi­ty, where they were to com­plete a com­pli­cated chal­lenge to­gether in a mini­mal stint of time. This cul­min­ated in the final “Con­sulting Cir­cle”, where the sen­iors could share their gath­ered wis­dom to the jun­iors in a guid­ed, in­for­mal ses­si­on.


As has so often been the case in recent years, we fully en­joyed the inter­action with this group of moti­vated and com­mit­ted stu­dents. We are very much look­ing for­ward to work­ing with them for an­other event­ful BGCE year.

Text: Huang Qunsheng