One-day events

“Didn’t we meet at the Max Weber-Tag in Nuremberg?” “Weren’t you at the New Year’s reception in Munich?” These greetings are common­place at the Max Weber Program’s range of events. Our scholar­ship holders are part of a community – indeed, some of them say they feel part of a large Max Weber family. To encourage this sense of kinship and community, we hold a series of one-day events at various locations across Bavaria.

Events all year round with the Max Weber Program

In the Max Weber Program, we offer our scholarship holders a range of opportunities to network and keep in contact with their peers across Bavaria. Take, for instance, our series of state-wide events, including the New Year’s reception in Munich, the summer party (always held at a different location in Bavaria) and Max Weber Day, held in autumn in Nuremberg. These events give our scholarship holders the chance to meet up throughout the year, enabling them to share experiences (and tips!) from their studies and work, make new contacts and catch up with old friends.

The New Year’s reception

At our festive New Year’s reception, held each year in Munich, our scholarship holders, men­tors and alumni come together to ring in the new Max Weber year. The event unveils the topic of focus for the coming year, which runs like a golden thread through the one-day events over the following 12 months.

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The summer party

Our summer parties have also become an establihsed fixture in our events program. Ta­king place at different institutions across Bavaria, they afford our scho­lar­ship holders the opportunity to meet and catch up in a more informal atmosphere. The parties allow scholarship holders to discover what other institutions have to offer and explore another facet of the year’s topic of focus. The parties are hosted by the scholarship holders re­si­dent at the institution.

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Max Weber Day

At the Max Weber Day, held in November each year in Nuremberg, we welcome our new scholarship holders to the Max Weber Program. As well as meeting veteran scholarship holders with experience of the Max Weber Program, our “newbies” also gain first-hand information about the variety of support and funding open to them and discover the year’s topic of focus. Max Weber Day offers a wonderful opportunity to make new friendships that endure throughout the scholarship and beyond.

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