Get-togethers, soft-skill seminars, excursions, lecture series such as the inter­disciplinary series "Elite Network of Bavaria FORUM" and last but not least the graduation ceremony: The most important dates in the Elite Network of Bavaria can be found here.

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Dec 2023
Graduation ceremony
The grad­uation cere­mony is the high­light of the active time of our mem­bers in the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia. The event will take place at Hein­rich-Lades-Halle in Er­lan­gen.

Participation: All graduates of the Elite Network of Bavaria
There are many people standing in a large foyer talking to each other.
Nov 2023
Get Together
We invite all new mem­bers to our ‘Get To­geth­er’ at the Au­dimax of the Tech­nical Uni­versi­ty of Mu­nich. Get­ting to know each other and the activi­ties of­fered by the Elite Net­work of Ba­varia is the major aim of this event.

Participation: All new members of the Elite Network of Bavaria
A young man and a young woman talking to each other in a lecture hall.
Jun 2023
Poster Exhibition at the Rachel Carson Center
The post­ers visu­alize the pro­jects of the doctoral students of the Inter­na­tional Doc­torate Pro­gram "Re­think­ing Envi­ron­ment"in a nut­shell. The ex­hibit was first shown dur­ing the con­fer­ence “Am­biva­lences of Eco­logi­cal Transfor­mation: Per­spec­tives from the Envi­ron­men­tal Hu­mani­ties” and will run until June 2023.

Participation: Public|more information
Cover page of the exhibition
Jun 2023
Guest lecture on "Requirements Engineering in der Realität"
Chris­tina Karle, an alum­nus of the Elite Graduate Pro­gram "Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing", and Dr. Chris­toph Tenbrock, both from Snowflake, will give a talk in the Elite Graduate Pro­gram’s spe­cial lec­ture series. The title of the talk is “Re­quirements Engi­neer­ing in der Re­alität” and it will take place in room 1055N in Augsburg.

Partici­pa­tion: All mem­bers of the Elite Net­work of Ba­var­ia
Audience of a talk
Jun 2023
Decolonization: Natures in the Plural
The Mas­ter­class by Prof. Sule Egya exam­ines liter­ary and cine­matic texts that deal with the inter­con­nec­tions of nature and spirit­uality in indig­enous socie­ties of the Glob­al South and at­tempts to de­con­struct epis­temo­logi­cal hier­archies of the Envi­ron­men­tal Hu­mani­ties.

Participation: Members of the International Doctorate Program "Rethinking Environment"
Professor Sule Emmanuel Egya and members of the IDK “Rethinking Environment”
Apr 2023
The Green Hour
Dur­ing the sum­mer term the Wis­sen­schaftszentrum Um­welt (UA) will host a lec­ture series in­spired by the Inter­na­tional Doc­torate Pro­gram “Re­think­ing Envi­ron­ment” with key­notes from the Hu­mani­ties and Social Sci­ences. Affil­iates of the doc­torate pro­gram and guests invite you to dis­cuss their work on envi­ron­men­tal top­ics.

Participation: Public
The Green Hour
Apr 2023
Expe­rienc­es from in­tern­ships abroad
iIm­mune stu­dents share their expe­rienc­es from their in­tern­ship abroad. Thereby, the lec­turers see what has de­veloped from their effort in ar­rang­ing the in­tern­ship and the younger se­mes­ters get net­worked and bene­fit for the or­gani­zation of their own in­tern­ship abroad.

Partici­pa­tion: Stu­dents of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram "Integrated Immunology"
World map with marked partner countries for the internships abroad fort he years 2018-2022
Apr 2023
Spring School
This year’s spring school of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram “MINT-Lehramt PLUS” will take place in Mu­nich from April 3 to April 6 2023. The focus of this spring school is on sub­ject-didactic and peda­gogi­cal topics as well as on get­ting to know each other and mutu­al ex­change.

Participation: Students of the Elite Graduate Program "MINT-Lehramt PLUS"
Three students are studying Miura folding - a technique borrowed from nature that is used, among other things, to fold city maps.
Feb 2023
Open Sci­ence work­shop as part of ex­cur­sion to Bayrischzell
After a three-year break caused by the pan­dem­ic, the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram “The­oreti­cal and Math­emat­ical Phys­ics” re­sumes its tradi­tional winter ex­cur­sions to Bayrischzell. This year’s topic is Open Sci­ence.

Participation: Students of the Elite Graduate Program "Theoretical and Mathematical Physics“
[Translate to English:] Studierende hören einen Vortrag über schwarze Löcher, durch die Fenster sieht man eine verschneite Landschaft
Feb 2023
Alumni-Students Network Meeting
The stu­dents and alum­ni of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram "Inte­grated Im­munology" are look­ing for­ward to the sec­ond Alumni-Stu­dents Meet­ing. Here, alum­ni will pre­sent their ongo­ing career paths and the net­work be­tween alum­ni and stu­dents will be ex­panded.

Partici­pa­tion: Stu­dents and alumni of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram "Integrated Immunology"
Logo of the Meeting
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