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Kick-off: Getting to know each other

Be­fore the start of the se­mes­ter, stu­dents of the Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram “Ad­vanced Signal Pro­cess­ing and Communi­cati­ons Engi­neer­ing” (ASC) have the op­por­tunity to meet their fellow stu­dents in a three-day kick-off sem­inar and ac­quire soft skills in the areas of inter­cul­tural com­pe­tence, self-management and scien­tific writ­ing. When speed dating with ASC pro­fes­sors, each ASC stu­dent chooses his or her per­sonal men­tor.

Acquire soft skills from different areas

When stu­dents from all over the world come to­geth­er, it is ex­treme­ly im­portant to learn how their fellow stu­dents think and act. In an inter­na­tional de­gree pro­gram, inter­cul­tural skills are ex­treme­ly im­portant. Stu­dents need to be aware that there are dif­ferent cul­tural di­men­sions that cause dif­ferent be­hav­iors. Learning inter­cul­tural com­muni­cation is indis­pen­sable in order to be able to take on lead­ing posi­tions in an inter­na­tional­ly oper­ating com­pany. How do we be­come a suc­cess­ful team? ASC stu­dents should ask them­selves this ques­tion before they begin their stud­ies in order to be able to sup­port each other dur­ing their Mas­ter's stud­ies. In the Self-Management Semi­nar, com­pe­ten­cies such as time man­age­ment and presentation tech­niques are also suc­cess­fully prac­ticed. On the third day of the kick-off sem­inar, the focus will be on "Sci­entific Writ­ing". ASC is a re­search-orient­ed Elite Grad­uate Pro­gram, scien­tific work and re­search are on the agen­da. Prof. Georg Fisch­er has the stu­dents lec­ture on vari­ous topics and gives them im­portant tips for their future re­search pro­jects.


The Elite Graduate Program “Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering” is inter­na­tional­ly ori­ented, so that some of the stu­dents come from abroad to join it. For this rea­son, all new stu­dents will have the op­por­tunity to get to know the ASC pro­fes­sors and their re­search areas better at a chim­ney even­ing. Then each stu­dent can choose a men­tor whose field of re­search comes clos­est to his or her own field of inter­est. The first step is to get to know each other dur­ing a dinner before all the new ASC stu­dents meet with the pro­fes­sors at the chim­ney even­ing for speed da­ting. Each stu­dent then has ten minutes to get to know a pro­fessor better dur­ing an inten­sive con­versa­tion.


Text: Lena Borke-Weber, coordinator of the Elite Graduate Program „Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering“