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Max Weber-Program of the State of Bavaria

The Max Weber-Program aims at highly-gifted students at universities in Bavaria. The State of Bavaria has transferred its implementation to the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes). The legal basis for the program is the Bavarian Elite Support Act (BayEFG). The complete name for this form of  student support is: "Max Weber-Program of the State of Bavaria for the support of the highly-gifted according to the Bavarian Elite Support Act".

The Max Weber-Program offers academic support and character building. It organizes events where students expand their knowledge in their respective field of study and where they delve into interdisciplinary dialogues. As an add-on to their university studies, the events provide a special scientific program to the scholarship holders. The academic events are complemented by job-related events. Mentors at the Bavarian universities offer individual support, an early involvement in research and insights into other fields of excellence. The general events for the scholarship holders from all the Bavarian universities focus on building up networks among the members of the Max Weber-Program. In order to enhance internationalism, the scholarship holders are entitled to financial aid for studies or projects abroad. Every member of the program receives an education allowance of 1290 € per semester.


Icon Ein Ort des Philosophierens – Erinnerungen an die Sommerakademie in Ftan

Auf einer Höhe von 1650 Metern begann am 5. August 2018 pünktlich nach der Klausurenphase die Sommerakademie in Ftan. Was das malerische Dorf in den Schweizer Alpen so einzigartig macht und womit sich die sieben Arbeitsgruppen zwei Wochen lang beschäftigten, erzählt Teilnehmerin Yulia Kostina im ABC der Sommerakademie Ftan.