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The scholarship holders of the Max Weber-Program receive financial aid for a semester abroad and a semester allowance for personal, education-oriented activities. Moreover, the scholarship holders are free to participate in various activities of the excellence program, which consists of academic assistance with character building elements.


Icon Semester allowance

Every scholarship holder of the Max Weber-Program receives a semester allowance of 1290 Euros for personal, education-oriented activities.

Icon Financial aid for a semester abroad

A stay abroad ought to be part of any student’s university career. So, the Max Weber-Program’s financial aid for educational stays in foreign countries will be more than welcome.


Icon Summer academy

The two-week summer academies focus on interdisciplinary exchange and creative work with students and with excellent lecturers.

Icon Soft skill seminars

Presentation skills, rhetoric, voice training – professional trainers work with students during these soft skill seminars to enhance the students’ interaction with others and improve their private and professional demeanor.

Icon Language courses

Today it has become indispensable for students to acquire one or more foreign languages for use at university or in business. Our language courses help students acquire foreign languages in countries where they are used as first language.

Icon Scientific courses

In-depth academic studies, exchange and networking across similar academic subjects are what the scientific courses (“wissenschaftliche Kollegs”) focus on.

Icon Stipendiaten aktiv! – Get involved!

In the context of the program “Stipendiaten aktiv!” the scholarship holders of the Max Weber-Program get involved and organize events based on their own ideas and on their own initiative.

Icon Mentoring program

On a voluntary basis numerous mentors at Bavarian universities provide individual academic and personal support and advice for the scholarship holders of the Max Weber-Program.

Icon One-day events

Networking between scholarship holders and mentors is the aim of events that happen on a regular basis at different locations in Bavaria.

Icon Forschung vor Ort

Mit der Programmlinie "Forschung vor Ort" unterstützen wir Stipendiaten bei Ihren ersten Schritten in der Forschung während des Studiums und fördern Kongressreisen und Forschungsaufenthalte im In- und Ausland.