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The Max Weber-Program was founded in October 2005 and has grown to about 1,750 members. Every year up to 400 new scholarships can be handed out.

There are two ways into the Max Weber-Program: a very good university/university of applied sciences entrance qualification (“Abitur” or “Fachabitur”), or excellent academic achievements at university. 200 high-school graduates from Bavarian schools can enter the Max Weber-Program via an exam at the Secondary School Board; this so-called “MB-Prüfung” is held shortly after the final university entrance examinations. The second way into the program is for university students. Each year up to 200 students from Bavarian universities can enter the program by successfully completing one of the selection seminars which are organized by the German National Academic Foundation („Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes“). From 2012 to 2014 an additional number of 200 places have been allocated to students who graduated from Bavarian secondary schools in 2011.


Selection at secondary school level

Students who successfully pass the university entrance examinations can be admitted into the Max Weber-Program via an exam at the Secondary School Board (“MB-Prüfung”). Icon more

Selection at university level

For students of all disciplines at Bavarian universities there are four ways of entering the Max Weber-Program. Icon more