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Prof. Hansen presents recent work

Stephen Hansen is an expert on industrial economics, the study of firms and markets. He also studies macroeconomic topics such as monetary theory. He is a professor at the Imperial College Business School in London, England, and uses cutting-edge research techniques like machine-learning to gain economic insights.

New insights

In January, Professor Hansen presented in a seminar in Munich on new findings on the changes of the nature of the CEO job. Typi­cally, firms are not open about their top em­plo­yees and try to paint a positive picture of them towards the public.

Hansen and his co-authors circumvent this by analyzing job advertisements in a detailed fashion. For members of the International Doctorate Program “Evidence- Based Eco­no­mics”, this presentation gave new in­sigh­ts into current state-of-the-art app­li­ca­tion of evidence- based economic research in a project that is not yet published.

Text: Peter Redler, International Doctorate Program "Evidence-Based Economics"