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The annual PhD student meeting

The PhD meeting of the Elitenetzwerk Bayern doctorate program “Topological Insulators”, is an annually organized scientific meeting and an integral part of the doctorate program. The PhD students of the Elitenetzwerk Bayern doctorate programme “Topological Insulators” met in the vivid capital of the Czech Republic, Prague and discussed their current and latest scientific advances in the broad and exciting field of topological insulators.

Exchanging ideas, presenting research results

The PhD students of the International Doctorate Program “Topological Insulators” met in the Villa Lanna in Prague to discuss and share their current and latest scientific advances on TI related topics such as Majorana Bound States, Floquet States and photonic crystals.

In addition, leading scientific experts in the field of topological insulators were invited to give tutorial talks on this exciting field of semiconductor physics. The participating stu­dents from the two Bavarian universities, the University of Würzburg and the Uni­ver­si­ty of Regensburg, had the opportunity to present their latest scientific advances and to discuss those with their fellow student colleagues as well as with leading scientists.

The annual meeting strengthens the collaboration between the PhD students within the program and provides the possibility to build up future interactive collaborations.

Besides the scientific main program, the participants obtained a historical view on Jewish Prague, creating awareness for European anthropologic heritage, while future challenges of our society were addressed in a scientific overview on the present state in climate research.

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