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EBE Summer School goes digital

Due to the special pandemic-related circumstances, the Evidence-Based Economics Summer School is being held online in 2020. Besides the asynchronous format of lecture videos, there are a total of three live sessions on Zoom.

New insights

As in previous years, the EBE programme organized a Summer School together with the Collaborative Research Center TRR 190 (Rationality and Competition). While the Summer Schools took place in Ohlstadt, Germany, in previous years, it is being held online in 2020 due to the extraordinary circumstances.

The participants were around 35 PhD students from the universities affiliated with the EBE and CRC, respectively, from the universities Berlin, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Regensburg and Munich.

The main speakers were Jordi Blanes i Vidal (London School of Economics) and Stephen Ryan (Washington University at St. Louis). They each held an online lecture series within the field of applied econometrics. After the participants had some time to watch their lecture videos online, there was a 90 minute Q&A session with each professor. In these sessions, individual participants were also able to present some of their own work in a short presentation.

The summer school will be rounded off by an input session on scientific research practice by Joachim Winter (University of Munich) who is one of the speakers of the International Doctorate Program „Evidence-Based Economics".

Text: Peter Redler, International Doctorate Program "Evidence-Based Economics"