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ASC Winter School

In order to take leading positions in business and industry, knowledge of project and people manage-ment is essential. ASC students can acquire this knowledge at the Winter School.

From the product idea to a virtual start-up

The students first develop an innovative product idea, the realization of which is organized and structured as a virtual start-up project and leads to a business plan. After forming project teams, the basics and techniques of project management are developed. Especially for engineers it is important to recognize selective dis­tur­ban­ces in market, financial or tech­no­lo­gi­cal issues in order to be able to react im­med­iat­ely to these constraints. Inno­va­tion ma­na­ge­ment (start-ups, spin-offs, existing large organizations, internal or external chal­len­ges, Inno-Scouts) is also an important part of the ASC Winter School. One example is the "Balanced Score Card" method (BSC). It supports the retention of the survey on the dimensions of the business unit or project and the identification of the need for action.

Furthermore, components of people manage­ment for training soft skills are presented and applied to the work in the project team. Strength, personality, behaviour patterns and motivation are characteristics that are essential in management positions. In the end, students of the Elite Graduate Program „Ad­vanced Signal Pro­cessing and Com­muni­cations Engi­neering“ can present the results of their team and get feedback from their fellow students.

Joanna Kudanowska, Elite Graduate Program "Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering"