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ASC – Forum: Best Poster Award

Students who present their research work at the ASC Forum have a doubly difficult task: on the one hand they have to convince a top-class jury. On the other hand, the presentations must be generally understandable. Those who combine both skills have a good chance of winning the Best Poster Award.

Exchanging ideas, presenting research results

All ASC students in a given year have the opportunity to present their research to a wide audience at the annual ASC Forum. A top-class jury of experts first listens to im­pul­se presentations by the students of the Elite Graduate Program "Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering", which may last a maximum of three minutes. They then examine the research posters created by the students.  

The event is also open to all other ASC students to get an overview of the current research situation. The "Junior Students" can exchange ideas with the seniors and gather ideas for their own research. At the same time, Bachelor students are invited to the forum. They receive information about the course of study and can convince themselves of the ASC students' expertise. At the end of the event, the winner of the ASC Forum Best Poster Award, which is endowed with 200 Euros, is the one who has best convinced the jury.

Joanna Kudanowska, Elite Graduate Program "Advanced Signal Processing and Communications Engineering"