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Elite Graduate Programs at a glance

Elite Graduate Programs offer an ideal academic setting to exceptionally talented and highly motivated students. The Network covers all fields of studies: humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, computer sciences and life sciences.

An outstanding and intensive academic assistance enables students to make an early start on their PhD, on top-level research or on their preparation for leading positions in the professional world. On average, the Elite Graduate Programs last between three and five semesters and are generally designed as Elite Master's Programs with particularly challenging qualification objectives. They offer an academic setting which is demanding and excellent by international standards, based on new interdisciplinary concepts with an intensive student tutoring program.

Research Spotlight

Icon Elitestudiengang "MINT - Lehramt Plus" bei BASF und im Technoseum in Mannheim

Dieses Semester wurde für die Studierenden des Elitestudiengangs "MINT - Lehramt Plus" im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „außerschulische Lernorte“ eine zweitägige Exkursion zum Chemiekonzern BASF in Ludwigshafen und ins Technoseum in Mannheim angeboten.