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Integrated Immunology

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Integrated Immunology

Degree: Master of Science (MSc)

Duration of Study: 4 Semesters (2 years)

Place of Study: Erlangen

Language of Instruction: English

Bachelor degree in Biology, Biochemistry or related degrees

Deadline: July 15th each year

The master program Integrated Immunology is open for highly motivated students with a bachelors' degree in Biology, Biochemistry or related fields with an interest in immunology. It is jointly run by the Department of Biology, the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital Erlangen. The teaching language is English and the course will provide in depth knowledge about basic, translational and clinical concepts in immunology. In addition, an advanced knowledge in molecular and cellular biology will be provided to enable a better understanding of immunological processes and their molecular and cellular basis.

Through basic lectures, seminars and tutorials the students will actively participate in acquiring a detailed understanding of the complex interplay of cells in the immune system and the role of immunology in health and disease. The theoretical modules are combined with integrated laboratory courses enabling the students to plan, perform and interpret immunological experiments. Elective softskill courses in imaging, bioinformatics, and animal sciences will allow the students to deepen their knowledge according to their individual interests.

Furthermore, a clinical immunology module, which includes bedside visits in different clinics of the University Hospital Erlangen will demonstrate how an impaired immune response can trigger autoimmune pathology in humans, which therapeutic options are available to treat the patients and how immunomodulatory therapies are used to treat infections and cancer.

Mentoring programs will ensure the success of the learning process of individual students and allow them to constantly interact with the teaching personnel. Based on this knowledge the students will realize the need for future research in immunology and will start to develop research strategies which can address these open questions in the modules practical and theoretical project work. To expose the students to the global character of immunological research, the module practical project work will include a three month stay in a laboratory abroad, which will help the students to start building a network and foster social skills. Through the participation in a winter school in immunology, international conferences, and meetings with professors and scientists working in companies, the students will learn to identify future career options and how to use their network to find a position of interest.

In the 6 month master thesis the students will demonstrate that the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired allows them to address an immunological question independently with state of the art immunological methods.

Kontakt (Sprecher)

Kontakt (Koordinatorin)
Dr. Anja Glanz
Tel.: ++49 (0)9131 8528494

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