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Aktuelles aus den Elitestudiengängen

SPLIT Remote Sensing Summer School Prague 11th – 16th June 2018

Two master’s students Anne-Katrin Selbmann and Rebekka Riebl from “M.Sc. Global Change Ecology” at the University of Bayreuth, attended the Spatial Literacy (SPLIT) Remote Sensing Summer School, hosted at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague from 11th to 16th June 2018. The summer school is an annually program which offers a hands-on workshop on remote sensing and its applications.

During the 6-day course, Anna-Katrin and Rebekka had a closer look at the theory behind different techniques within the field of remote sensing followed by practical work with various software. They started off with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, e.g. drones) and imagery generated from a drone flight campaign over a local park; gained some insights into working with different satellite data like LiDAR and RADAR using LAStools as well as the DART model for radiative transfer in the earth-atmosphere system. Focus was primarily set on the theory behind gaining imagery and the processing of the raw data (mainly using the software SNAP and LAStools) as well as the interpretation of the images, e.g. for creating digital elevation models or the assessment of geo-hazards. Participants were mainly PhD students, but also a few master students from around the world with various backgrounds. During the week-long science school, a field day with some cultural visits was also scheduled, where both went on an excursion to the Karlštejn castle and the Kon?prusy caves in the southwest of Prague.

They found the summer school a very interesting and intense experience with a lot of input on the theoretical as well as on the practical level. The course was well organized and carried out with expert lecturers from different backgrounds. Some topics like using remote sensing as a tool were more relevant to ecology research than others, but overall it was a good mixture and introduction to different approaches and software. The social activities which were organized around the program (barbecue on the first evening, field day, guided city tour) supported networking and were a nice addition to the course.

Text and picture: Anne-Katrin Selbmann and Rebekka Riebl

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