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Aktuelles aus den Elitestudiengängen

Lively Discussions at MAP Poster Presentation

Besides technical interdisciplinary knowledge students of the Elite Graduate Program Advanced Materials and Processes (MAP) also acquire soft skills in crucial areas for future researchers and employees in industry. One of these soft skill trainings is the “Scientific Poster Presentation”.

As part of the program, third semester MAP students perform independent scientific research projects in a chosen research area as a “miniproject”. Subsequently, under the guidance of MAP lecturer Professor Klupp Taylor they present the results of their projects during a poster session.  

On February 10th 2017, 22 students from different backgrounds presented their posters with enthusiasm to MAP lecturers and supervisors, Fraunhofer scientists and other students. Participants described the atmosphere of the presentation as highly stimulating and very dynamic with a lot of interaction between presenters and guests. A committee of six scientists selected the three best posters. MAP lecturer Professor Felfer, one of the members of this evaluation committee, explained the criteria for good research posters: They need to show not only the results of a project, but also its wider context as well as the methodology for gaining the respective results. The content of the project should be presented comprehensibly without a need for further oral or written explanations. Professor Felfer judged at least six posters at the MAP poster presentation as “exemplary” in this sense.

The topics of the poster presentation covered a wide range of innovations in different scientific fields of materials and processes. Some of the results of the presented miniprojects are used for basic research; others are directly implemented in industrial processes.

The best posters were awarded a prize. The third place went to Mariana Cecilio de Oliveira Monteiro from Brazil and Xiyu Chen from China. The second place was awarded to Valeriee De Abreu from Venezuela. The first price, a voucher of 100 € for MAP relevant literature, was awarded to Eric Sidney Aaron Görlitzer from Germany.

The skills the MAP students acquire in the course of the programme can sometimes directly translate into the professional development: Students from earlier MAP batches have repeatedly presented posters on different occasions including national and international conferences. Maximilian Göltz, a former MAP student, was awarded a prize at one of these conferences.

Text and pictures: ESG MAP

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