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Control parameters for intramolecular C-H activation

by Verena Herz (30.06.2009)

Ball and stick model of 1 (Ni: red, P: violet, C: silver, H: white)[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: Figure 1.
[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: Figure 2.
Contour map of the L(r) in the NiC(alpha)C(beta)-plane of 1 (positive values are marked by red, negative values by blue dashed lines, respectively, and L(r) = ±2,4,8•10neÅ-5 with n=0,±1,±2,+3, extra values by 1200 and 1500 eÅ-5)[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: Figure 3.


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Verena Herz
* 1982

  • 2001-2007
  • Study of Physics, University of Augsburg, diploma thesis: On the nature of C-H-activation in late transition metal complexes
  • fall 2007
  • research associate, synthesis of benchmark spin-crossover compounds via microwave reaction, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • since 2008
  • Ph. D. in Physics, University of Augsburg, Supervisor Prof. Dr. W. Scherer

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