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Be a brick! A report about the Euroscience Open Forum 2014 in Copenhagen

“Science Building Bridges”, based on this topic the Euroscience Open Forum 2014 (ESOF) took place in Ny Carlsberg in Copenhagen from 21th to 26th June 2014. The Elite Network of Bavaria had the privilege to offer the coverage of the expenses to 10 students that are interested in participating in ESOF 2014. Matthias Deininger and Nils Lundt, two Members of the Elite Network of Bavaria, report:


“Queen Margrethe of Denmark and the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso delivered speaches in the opening ceremony. They pointed out, how the scientific world should be in future times and what can and should be done by the authorities in order to implement appropriate conditions to do so. Moreover, they emphazised the meaning of science for the future prosperity of society.

[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: Queen Margrethe of Denmark welcomes the participants of the Euroscience Open Forum 2014 in Copenhagen. (Foto: Matthias Deininger)
[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, speaks at the opening ceremony of the Euroscience Open Forum. (Foto: Matthias Deininger)

More than 4500 delegates from all over the world, at least 100 speakers and 6 nobelprize winners met in the capital of Denmark to exchange and discuss various scientific topics, the relationship between science and society, current trends of our societies as well as appropriate science policies.

[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: The participants discussed various scientific topics, the relationship between science and society, current trends of our societies as well as appropriate science policies. (Foto: Matthias Deininger)


Lessons have been delivered to a variety of topics including, e.g., the Higgs Boson for physics, misuse of antibiotics in medicine, mathematical theories explaining the expansion of the universe and a satellite-analysis of city population and planning for sociological and urban research. Besides those scientific topics, the emphasis of the ESOF was on science policy. This included topics such as enhancement of learning and creativity, academic leadership, establishment and importance of scientific cooperations and many more. In addition, the career program and the science-to-business program cover further aspects of the scientific world.

[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: Nobel laureates, such as Prof. Dr. Brian Schmidt, gave lectures on a variety of topics. (Foto: Matthias Deininger)

Undoubtedly, we listened to excellent and truly inspiring presentations. However, we would also like to point out that, given the international and professional character of ESOF, the quality of the presentations varied quite a bit.

For the first time the public of the venue has been included in the Forum by building up a “Science in the City”- Festival which attracted more than 125.000 people to experience science. For example an in-ear-EEG has been presented, that could in future-time allow to monitor the brainactions of epilepsy patients 24 hours a day. Next to this a digital skin has been shown that can detect movements, temperature, touch and also approaching objects, which can be used in robots or prostheses developing sensitivity and thus improve their use.

Copenhagen, itself famous for it’s bridges and typical brick stone buildings, created an inspiring atmosphere for peer-to-peer networking, informative straightforward communications and forming international friendships.


[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: The “Science in the City”- Festival attracted more than 125.000 people to experience science. (Foto: Matthias Deininger)

The Danish  - claimed to be the happiest people in the world, according to the UN World Happiness Report 2013 - were dedicated hosts for the ESOF 2014, so that we can wonder, what will happen in Manchester in two years, where the ESOF 2016 will take place.

In reflection to the title, “Science Building Bridges” of the Euroscience Open Forum 2014 we have been glad to be a brick of the scientific bridge build up in Copenhagen.

For further information and video-lectures, check: www.esof2014.org”

By Matthias Deininger and Nils Lundt, Max Weber-Program of Bavaria