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Aktuelles aus den Programmen

Welcome to the Elite Network of Bavaria - Get Together 2016

On Saturday, December 5, the Get Together for the new members of the Elite Network of Bavaria took place at the Audimax of the Technical University Munich. Over 200 students came together from all over Bavaria to get to know each other and the activities offered by the Elite Network of Bavaria. Throughout an informative as well as entertaining event, students from all ENB programs, including fellowship holders of the Max Weber-Program, students of the Elite Graduate Programs, members of the International Doctorate Programs, Junior Research Group fellows and Research scholars, had the chance to learn what the ENB is all about.

After a welcome speech by the head of the coordination office, Frauke Preißinger, several members presented what is going on in the Elite Network of Bavaria (ENB). First of all, Dr. Markus Huber, talked about his most exciting experience as an ENB’s delegation’s participant at the 66th Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau. After that, Felix Peterhammer, member of the International Doctorate Program “Evidence-Based Economics”, reported on the recent Elite Network FORUM dealing with the topic “Innovation in Germany”. Switching from hard science to competitive athletics, Julius Nagel, member of the Elite Graduate Program “Finance and Information Management”, gave a report on the Elite Cup, an annual soccer tournament where all members of the ENB can sign up in teams and play against each other. Besides sports and fun, he stressed that getting to know members from the wide spectrum of the ENB is the core idea of this event.

Back to the more formal activities offered by the ENB, Stefan Amtmann, one alumnus of the Max Weber-Program gave a detailed account of the annual Graduation Ceremony, which acknowledges the ENB members’ high performance at the very end of their studies. Following a short introduction to the ENB’s website and intranet by Max Weber-Program member Elisabeth Müller, Tim Korver, trainer at “Sprachraum LMU”, gave the final talk presenting the wide spectrum of Softskill Seminars offered by the ENB. Finally, Mallissa Watts, member of the completed Elite Graduate Program “Neuro-Cognitive Psychology”, deserves a mention, as she hosted the event and skillfully guided the attendees through the program.

All in all, the first part of the Get Together gave a brief overview of the ENB and its activities. Besides the information input the major aim of this event is getting to know other students from the ENB programs. For this purpose, the coffee break provided a great opportunity to get in touch with other members and to tie new networks. Subsequently, the second part of the Get Together continued with two further talks on Careers in Science and Economics. Dr.-Ing. Michael Dorr, speaker for the International Doctorate Program “Visual Efficient Sensing for the Perception-Action Loop”, looked back at his own scientific career and suggested that not everything could be purposefully planned in the long run. Especially coincidences and valuable mentors pushed him to pursue a scientific career instead.

Last but not least, Dominik Grusemann, alumnus of an Elite Graduate Program and founder of the start-up company “gibbon’s five”, presented an absolutely different career in industry. After his studies he decided to start working in the field of software engineering. Inspired by the idea to develop his own product and to see his business growing, he founded his start-up company “gibbon’s five” that provides an innovative platform for interesting locations and events around you. At the very end, both speakers agreed that their decisions in favor of academia or industry were not driven by money at any time. Every person’s career is unique and the passion about one’s work is the most essential element for being successful.

Text: Matthias Deininger

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