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Research Project

pH-Responsive Magnetism of Homoleptic Iron(II) Complexes in Solution and Under Small Confinement

by René Nowak

This research investigates the possible application of iron(II) complexes as pH-responsive contrast agent. The model system [Fe(bipy)3]2+ is naturally diamagnetic but can become paramagnetic under formation of a protonated species which is introduced here. The underlying mechanism has been elucidated with various methods, demonstrating that [Fe(bipy)3]2+ can alter relaxivity values due to its pH-responsive magnetism. Furthermore it is shown that those properties can be preserved under small confinement in zeolites.

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About the author

René Nowak schloss 2012 seinen Bachelor in Chemie ab. Während seines Masterstudiengangs Materialchemie und Katalyse an der Universität in Bayreuth, absolvierte er einen Forschungsaufenthalt an der Universität Straßburg. Seit 2012 ist er Teilnehmer des Elitestudiengangs Macromolecular Science an der Universität Bayreuth. (26.10.2016)


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