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With its Elite Network, Bavaria entered the international competition for the greatest talents in the sciences and in the field of research at a very early stage. In 2002/2003 the general concept was developed and quickly implemented. The goal was to give the best support possible to exceptionally talented students and young researchers at Bavarian universities.

The Elite Network consists of five complementary programs:
• Elite Graduate Programs
• International Doctorate Programs
• Max Weber-Program of Bavaria
• Research Scholarships
• International Junior Research Groups

Excellence Support Programs at a Glance

Excellent Support for the Best

It is the aim of the Elite Network to identify and support the most promising talents at the Bavarian universities in the best way possible. The search for talents already starts with the final secondary-school examinations. The Bavarian pupils with the best grades have the opportunity to take an extra exam organised by a commissioner of the ministry of education. Those who pass are accepted into the Max-Weber-Program of Bavaria. If their outstanding abilities only become obvious during their university studies, the students can still enter the Max-Weber-Program at that point. The advanced students are offered Elite Graduate Programs and International Doctorate Programs. In addition, outstanding doctoral students have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship which is independent from the study programs. The International Junior Research Groups have been established for researchers in their postdoctoral phase. Thus, the Elite Network of Bavaria provides support and an excellent scientific environment for the most outstanding and talented students, graduates and post-graduates.

With our attractive offers, we would like to get highly qualified and motivated students and graduates from across the globe on board for research projects in Bavaria.
A Strong Alliance

The ultimate goal of the Elite Network of Bavaria is to gradually build a network of various scientific and academic centers which cooperate with each other across the boundaries of single academic fields. Our elite graduate programs and doctorate programs are always cooperations between various Bavarian universities. They are linked in a network of partnerships with each other and with international top-notch institutions in order to create the best possible academic environment.
The idea of a network is also fostered by courses which are open to all members of the Elite Network, such as soft skill-workshops on topics like rhetoric, presentation, conflict management, leadership competences, self management or professional job applications. The workshops take two to four days and are organised by the office of the Elite Network. Moreover, the interdisciplinary lecture series Elitenetzwerk Bayern Forum with its renowned speakers offers best networking opportunities.
Further offers such as the annual soccer tournament EliteCup or the participation in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings complete the program.
Outstanding Quality

The excellent quality of the support programs is a characteristic of the Elite Network of Bavaria. More than anything else it is the boards which guarantee this - the expert commission, the advisory board of the Bavarian legislation on elite support (“Bayerisches Eliteförderungsgesetz”) and the strategy board. They give advice both on contents and basic concepts and by this offer a substantial contribution to our quality assurance. The doctorate programs and elite graduate programs are subject to an ongoing evaluation. After three, respectively four years in the Elite Network, they have to stand the test of an expert committee. In addition, an evaluation of the overall program was carried through in 2010 and showed very positive results. In 2017 the second general evalution of the program will take place according to the Bavarian Elite Support Act.