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Downloads & LINKS

Here you will find some brochures with information about the Elite Network of Bavaria as well as links to webpages with general information about studying and doing research in Bavaria.

  • Max Weber-Program Bavaria
  • The brochure offers detailed information on funding within the Max Weber-Programme of Bavaria (scholarships for outstanding students in Bavaria) as well as admission criteria (January 2012, new admission criteria have been introduced for the year 2014).
  • Icon Brochure with Information on the Max Weber-Program
Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts
  • Web Page of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts
  • Web Page "to study in Bavaria"
  • Here high-school graduates and those interested in studies will find all relevant information concerning academic studies in Bavaria.
  • Web Page "Study in Bavaria"
  • study-in-bavaria is here to provide international students with information on universities and life in Bavaria.
  • Web Page "to continue studies in Bavaria"
  • Here career changers can get informed about the possibilities of continued education at Bavarian academies.