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Global sustainability - Ian Johnson, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, speaks at the 4th Elite Network of Bavaria FORUM on 23rd May

The Elite Network of Bavaria has the honour of announcing the guest speaker for the upcoming "Elite Network of Bavaria FORUM" lecture at the University of Bayreuth. Ian Johnson, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, will speak about "Global sustainability: what will it take?" This is the fourth event in a series of lectures given by top-class speakers and is meant to give an insight into the various subject-matters and academic fields that are part of the Elite Network of Bavaria. The speech will be given in English and is aimed at an audience from various academic backgrounds. This event is also aimed at giving participants the opportunity to get to know new people and to network.

Ian Johnson has over thirty years experience in economic development. He spent twenty-six years at the World Bank working on energy, water, environment and economic management issues. He held the post of Vice President for Sustainable Development for eight years and was also Chairman of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Prior to the World Bank he spent five years in Bangladesh working on rural development and water supply programs. Since leaving the World Bank he has held a number of senior and advisory posts in the public and private sector as well as with the United Nations. In 2010 he was elected Secretary General of the Club of Rome.

Ian Johnson[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: Ian Johnson © Club of Rome

We are entering into a world where many fault lines are apparent at the global level: ecological, human, economic and financial. Actions will be required across a broad range of issues if we are to move to a sustainable, prosperous and peaceful planet. Changes in our values and belief systems will be required to support changes to our outdated and outmoded economic systems and to the institutions they support. Johnson will discuss the necessary changes and identify critical course of action needed to move the planet and its 7 billion inhabitants to a more prosperous and potentially more peaceful world. Particular attention will be given to addressing the “underlying” or “root” causes of many of the challenges we must overcome. The talk will end with some positive signs and some clear steps that can be taken to move us along a sustainable pathway.

The event takes place at Gebäude RW, Hörsaal 24, Universitätsstraße 30, of the University of Bayreuth. It is organised by the Elite Graduate Program “Global Change Ecology” and starts at 6:15 p.m sharp.

If you want to participate, please register here until 21st May 2013 (please give names and number of people who want to attend).

Members of the Elite Network of Bavaria are kindly asked to register via our intranet. Application deadline is 16th May 2013.

Registration for the event

- For members of the Elite Network of Bavaria

- For people who are not members of the Elite Network of Bavaria (please give names and number of people who want to attend)