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Doctorate Programs at a Glance

With their demanding study and research programs and their intensive student mentoring, the doctorate programs of the Elite Network of Bavaria are aimed at outstanding young scientists. In addition to the program itself, the Elite Network of Bavaria supports the doctoral students with jobs at the universities concerned.

The doctorate programs of the Elite Network of Bavaria are characterized by their strong international orientation which is reflected in the high percentage of excellent foreign doctoral students and scientists, and by the involvement of international partners. In addition, the doctoral candidates get a chance at an early stage to participate in international events.

Research Spotlight

Icon PD1-CD28 fusion protein enables CD4+ T cell help for adoptive T cell therapy in models of pancreatic cancer and non-Hodgkinlymphoma

Cytotoxic T cells are specialized immune cells specifically recognizing tumor antigens presented on major histocompatibility complex-1 (MHC-I). After binding to the tumor antigen in the context of MHC, T cells are activated which results in the secretion of cytotoxic factors and target cell lysis. [1]

"„Qual der Wahl“ - treffend bezeichnet dies das Dilemma jedes Gutachters für das Elitenetzwerk Bayern. Makellose, originelle Anträge, hochkarätige und engagierte Antragsteller; man möchte alles empfehlen, darf aber nicht! Gratulation Elitenetzwerk Bayern!"