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Mirrors and Mimesis on Schloss Fürstenried

In the second week of February, the doctoral students of the International Doctoral Program (IDP) MIMESIS, which has started its work in October 2013, spent a two-day retreat at Schloss Fürstenried. The workshop’s goal was to elaborate on the outline and format of the IDP’s symposium which will take place this summer and will bear the title ‘Mimetic Surfaces. Reflections on Mirrors in the Arts’.

[Bildunterschrift / Subline]: The inspiring setting of Schloss Fürstenried (Copyright: Erzbistum München Freising, "Schloss Fürstenried")

In the inspiring setting of Schloss Fürstenried – formerly a hunting lodge of the rulers of Bavaria and now retreat house of the archdiocese of Munich and Freising (Exerzitienhaus der Erzdiözese München und Freising) – the participants of the IDP MIMESIS spent two intense days of discussing texts and ideas related to the concept of the mirror in literature, theatre, performance, music, film, architecture and the visual arts. The concept of the mirror which emerges as a vital image of the relation between the arts and ‘reality’ since the age of Plato is also linked to the IDP’s guiding theme of mimesis. The constellation of mimesis and mirror will be the topic of a symposium which is taking place this year in July at Kloster Ettal. Within the framework of this two day symposium (inter)national guests, personal investigators of the IDP Mimesis as well as the doctoral candidates will have the chance to present and discuss papers and develop new concepts.
The symposium in Ettal is the kick-off of a continuing series of symposiums, master-classes and summer-schools that will be developed and organized by the doctoral candidates. Events like the symposium are a constitutive part of the IDP Mimesis, trying to encourage the candidates to create a network, in which research and dialogue can take place and scientific insight is produced, shared and discussed on an international level. All these activities pursue the objective to extend and profoundly explore the guiding theme of the IDP i.e. mimesis.
At Fürstenried, the students, divided in research groups, dealt with different facets of the ‘mirror’ (not only in its materiality, but also relating to its metaphorical and formal connotations). The multiplicity of disciplines involved in the IDP favoured the synergy of different points of view and methodologies. After having spent a whole day with research and discussion, the group enjoyed the good food at the retreat house and finally the cozy atmosphere of the ‘Schlosskeller’. Last but not least, these framing activities as well as the side-by-side work had the not secondary effect to strengthen the relationship among the MIMESIS group: all future projects will definitely profit from this cohesion.