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Doctorate Program

Reason – Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation

LMU Munich (lead management), KSFH Munich, TU Munich


Degree: Doctorate Degree

Duration of study: ca. 3 years

Places of study: Munich

Requirements: Excellent Master’s Degree or equivalent, in a field related to the learning sciences (including, but not limited to computer science, education, medicine, psychology, science/ technology/ engineering/ mathematics education, social work). In single cases, also candidates with a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, can be considered for acceptance.

Language of instruction: English

In this international graduate school, 20 doctoral students will work on research questions related to the topic “Competences for scientific reasoning and argumentation”. The graduate school has an interdisciplinary focus that involves researchers and scientists from biology, education, mathematics, media informatics, medicine, psychology and social work.

Research within Reason has two main objectives: First, Reason aims at a theory-based analysis of competences for scientific reasoning and argumentation. Here, the aim is to contribute to an advancement of competence models related to scientific reasoning and argumentation. A special focus is put on the importance of emotional processes and collaborative aspects during scientific reasoning and argumentation. Second, Reason aims to advance scientific knowledge on effective interventions of scientific reasoning and argumentation competences in learners at various age levels, particularly at school and university level. In this context, Reason puts an emphasis on exploring the potential of technology-enhanced learning scenarios.

Beyond these content-related goals, Reason also has structural goals. Most importantly, Reason aims at developing and testing innovations concerning how to provide effective and efficient support of doctoral research. For example, Reason will realize a structured, interdisciplinary and international supervision of doctoral projects, a structured and research-oriented curriculum, as well as obligatory research stays abroad at renowned universities.

Highlights of the International Doctorate Program

„Das IDK bietet eine sehr gute Möglichkeit, Spitzenforscher aus mehreren Fakultäten und Hochschulen mit einer Gruppe von herausragenden internationalen Doktoranden an einem spannenden und wichtigen Thema arbeiten zu lassen. Ich schätze das Elitenetzwerk Ba

Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer

Contact (Coordinator)

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