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Doctorate Programs in Detail

The basis of each doctorate program is outstanding research which will stand any international comparison. The high scientific quality of the course range is matched by the high demands on the doctoral students.

With their structured courses, the international calibre of the Elite Doctorate Programs prepares high-flying graduate students for a career in the field of science or for other demanding jobs in our society. The Doctorate Programs aim at challenging young scientists with research on top-level scientific topics and creating appropriate conditions for an outstanding education.

Characteristics of our Elite Doctorate Programs

  • intensive tutoring
  • time frame which is binding for all parties involved
  • high degree of internationality; this includes the involvement of scientists from abroad in the curricular education and mentoring, a proportionally high number of doctoral students from other countries and participation in international events
  • intensive networking which is last but not least reflected by the fact that generally speaking, it is several universities which conduct the Elite Doctorate Program together  

The curriculum which accompanies the PhD work consists of weekend-seminars, workshops and summer academies. The imparting of methodical and subject-related knowledge is complemented by elements of specific pre-vocational training. Doctoral students have the opportunity to gain experience in presentation, teaching and publishing, they develop their team-working abilities and leadership skills, they build up knowledge on how to raise funds and how to manage projects.